Real estate property marketing

As you probably know, property marketing means different things to different people. At Prestige real estate, it’s something we think about a lot.

If you list your property with us, we have a variety of tools that we use to promote your property, and to quickly match it with the right buyer.

Of course, we promote your property through a variety of traditional channels — including the local Mountain Times, where we have the biggest listing of any broker/agent in Killington. Depending on the type of property, we will also list it in some other prominent publications like the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Rob report.

Knowing that properties with professional photos, and drone photography, sell faster and at higher prices than those with amateur photos, we will sometimes hire a professional photographer to market your property. This option depends on the listing, as some properties lend themselves better to professional photography than others.

We are also very active in digital marketing. Not only will we promote properties on Facebook and YouTube, we will also create dedicated web pages pages for the promotion of exclusive properties. Email marketing is another strong suit for us. The reason for our success in email marketing is twofold — we attract high quality subscribers through our quarterly newsletter on the state of real estate in Killington, and we use one of the most advanced, and most customer-friendly, property search and alert systems in the industry on our website.

Article by Kaitlyn Hummel

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