Q2 Real Estate Market in Killington

Killington real estate sales have smashed all previous records.

By every measure, Killington real estate sales are at record levels:

  • Highest market revenue $$$ EVER!
  • Highest transaction volume
  • Lowest days on market
  • Lowest inventory level

For the first time ever, market revenue has topped $50 million for the first half of the year. Market revenue for ALL of 2020 was $46 million. 131 properties sold during the 1st half of the year, with 78 of those sales occurring during the 2nd quarter. There seems to be no slow down in sight. As of June 30th, there were 27 additional properties under agreement. Those sales alone would add up to just under the total number of sales for all of last year.

Perhaps the most influential driver of these market dynamics is inventory. After all, basic economics is driven by supply and demand. As of June 30th, there were just 41 properties in total on the market in Killington: 16 homes, 17 condos, and 8 parcels of land.

Article by Heidi Bomengen

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