Killington Real Estate

Eight condos were sold in Killington in May 2018 and there were no single- or multi-family homes sales or land sales.  Comparatively, there were eight condominiums sold in May last year as well as five single family homes sold.  This year during May, the average sale price was approximately $116,000 and the properties were on the market 335 days before going under agreement.  Last year, the average price of condos sold in May was $127,000 as more higher priced properties were sold.  The specific properties that were sold in May 2018 were:

  • Pico 1-bedroom condo for $59,000
  • Pico 2-bedroom condo for $132,500
  • Pico 3-bedroom condo for $157,000
  • Killington Center 2-bedroom condo for $60,000
  • Valley Park 2-bedroom condo for $92,000
  • Edgemont 3-bedroom condo for $100,000
  • Pinnacle 2-bedroom condo for $114,000
  • Sunrise 1-bedroom condo for $139,000

Prestige Real Estate is proud to have been involved in four out of the eight sales.

Article by Heidi Bomengen

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