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As of June 12th, 2018 Killington VT real estate sales for the first half are exceeding sales last year for the same period.  So far in 2018, 34 condos, 10 single family homes, and 1 multi-family home has sold.  In addition, there are 17 properties under agreement.  If just 4 of the 17 properties under agreement sell before the end of June (about 3 weeks from now), sales will be tracking ahead of last year.

One of the things fueling property sales and higher prices is low inventory.

  • Condo inventory in Killington is 40% lower than the same time last year
  • Single family home inventory in Killington is 30% lower than the same time last year
  • Land inventory in Killington is 46% lower than the same time last year

Prestige Real Estate does a review of condominium price trends annually and reports the results in its quarterly newsletter issue published and posted to the Prestige Real Estate website during the first week in July.  Although all of the figures are not final, it appears that in 40 out of 49 categories of condominiums tracked, the most recent sale price on average has risen 24% above the lowest sale price for that type of unit.

This may be the beginning of a turning point toward a Seller’s market, something that hasn’t been seen in Killington in 10 years!

Article by Heidi Bomengen

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