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Killington disaster information

The Killington Post Office will be open on Thursday, September 1st for incoming and outgoing mail.  The Post Office will be closed on Friday, September 2nd.  Scheduled hours beyond this weekend are yet to be announced.

Veterinary Services will be available on Saturday, September 3rd.  Rutland Veterinary Clinic will have staff available at the Summit Lodge for veterinary needs.

Prescription medication may be ordered and paid for by credit card.  Have prescriptions delivered through the pharmacy to Mendon town offices.  They will be delivered and picked up at the Killington Fire station at 3:30pm daily.

The town will be establishing  the ability to donate money to a Flood Relief Fund.  More information will be forthcoming.

Temporary egress plan for Killington

Amazing progress has been made on road repairs thanks to the heroic efforts by local talent with incredible capabilities.  The following plans are effective for Thursday, September 1st and beyond until new plans are formulated:

From Woodstock to Killington - RT 4 Westbound: Open from 6:30a to 7:30am; closed all other times

From Killington to Woodstock - RT 4 Eastbound: Open from 8:00am to 9:00am; closed all other times

Travel is over dangerous conditions at your own risk.  There are many obstacles in the road and many areas that can only accommodate one lane of traffic.

Between Killington and Rutland:  There is no vehicular access, however Marble Valley Regional Transit Authority will restore the Diamond Express Line for emergencies and working personnel on the following schedule:

Depart Rutland at 7:15am, arrive Killington at 8:15am; Depart Killington at 8:30am, arrive Rutland 9:30am.

Depart Rutland at 5:15pm, arrive Killington at 6:15pm; Depart Killington at 6:30pm; arrive Rutland at 7:30pm.

The bus stops are at Killington Grand, Pico Mountain, Mendon Mountainview/Cortina Inn, Rutland transit center

In addition, walking access is available between Journeys End and Helvi Hill Road from 7am to 7pm.  No parking is available at either end so transportation (delivery and pickup) must be arranged.  Any parked cars will be towed.

Updates to this plan can be found on the Killington town website.

Killington road conditions as of 8/31/11

The town of Killington has updated their website with the latest road conditions

  • RT 4 east was open from 8am to 10am and is now closed for further repair work
  • State police urge people not to go to see work progress on RT 4 west to Rutland.  It is still closed
  • East Mountain Road is closed to non-emergency vehicles
  • The culvert near Kent Pond has been repaired temporarily.  Still no access to Pittsfield
  • Stage Road access from RT 100 is closed
  • Coffeehouse Road is passable for residents
  • River Road is open from Thundering Brook to RT 100

There's a way out of Killington this morning

This morning, there will be a caravan allowed to leave Killington via Route 4 east through Bridgewater to RT 89. The caravan will take place between 8am and 10am and will be assisted by police. The road, although passable, remains dangerous and the trip will be slow and cautious.

Killington - an island town in the center of VT

Who would have thought that a tropical storm could have created an island town in the center of VT?  I never would have believed it if I didn't see it with my own two eyes.  Killington is the newest island.  Presently, the only way in, or out of town is via helicopter.  RT 4 East is washed away from the intersection of (what used to be) River Road east past Goodro Lumber.  RT 4 West is washed away just west of the intersection of Wheelerville Road.  RT 100 North is blocked at the intersection of RT 4 due to road and bridge and washouts.  East Mountain Road is impassable heading east at the Great Eastern ski bridge.  Pictures only tell part of the story.  Stay tuned for updates.

RT 4 East

Killington Vermont News


The Mountain Times newspaper has been sold.  The Barnard family has owned and operated the Killington paper for the past 25 years and the transition will take place during the first week of September.  Angelo Lynn has purchased the paper and comes with a great deal of experience as he also owns the Addison Independent, Brandon Reporter and Vertical Ski and Ride Magazine.

In other Killington news, Town Manager, Kathleen Ramsay has submitted her resignation effective October 15th.  Kathleen has been the Killington Town Manager since 2008 and will be returning to her former job as assistant Town Manager in Middlebury.

Killington VT Real Estate Activity for July

As was the case in June, only 5 properties sold in Killington during the month of July.  A beautiful custom built log home on 10 acres sold for $915,000.  4 condominiums sold: a one bedroom Edgemont sold for $73,900; a two bedroom Woods sold for $84,000; a three bedroom Pico sold for $199,000 and a three bedroom Sunrise sold for $290,000.  There were ony 3 properties pending at the end of July, one home and two condominiums.  To view all of the Killington properties listed for sale please visit Prestige Real Estate of Killington. 

Killington voters overwhelmingly approved Australian Ballot

In a Special Town Meeting held on August 1, 2011, Killington voters approved the use of Australian Ballot for deciding on budgets, public questions and electing officials.  Approximately 250 people attended the special meeting called to reconsider a vote made in May, 2011.  Comments were made by a few residents advocating their positions.  The vote was called first for deciding on budget issues.  Paper ballot was used for this vote.  The result of the vote was approximately 175 (YES) to 70 (NO).  The other two questions were voted in approximately the same proportions.  Actual results can be viewed on the Killington town website.

Killington voters to decide on Australian Ballot AGAIN

A special town meeting is being held tonight, August 1, 2011 at 6:00pm at the Killington Elementary School.  The meeting has been called to discuss, once again, the advantages and disadvantages of:

  • Electing town officials by Australian Ballot
  • Deciding on town budget items by Australian Ballot
  • Deciding on public questions by Australian Ballot

You might recall that the towns' people voted and approved using the Australian Ballot during the last Special Town Meeting held in May.  It seems, however, those people who did not agree with the majority vote the last time have petitioned the town to reconsider the vote.  Is this an example of, "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again?"  Hopefully, we can put this issue to bed once and for all tonight.

If you are a registered voter in the town of Killington, please show up one more time at 6pm this evening and cast your vote.  If you hadn't figured it out already, I am a strong proponent of enabling everyone who has the right to vote, the opportunity to vote.