Blog :: 07-2010

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Killington Real Estate: The First Six Months of 2010.

Compared to the first half of  last year, the number of condominium sales this year have doubled.  Ten condominiums sold during the first six months of 2009 while twenty sold during the same period this year.  However, even though transaction volume is up, selling prices have continued to fall so much that the total market sales in dollars is almost exactly the same as last year.  Also, fifteen of the twenty sales this year went under contract during the first three months of the year.  There has been very little activity in Killington real estate since April 1st.

Sales of land and single and multi-family homes have remained consistently low for the past four years.  If all of the home sales in the first half of the year for the last four years were combined, the sum barely exceeds the number sold in the first half of 2005 alone.  

Killington Real Estate for the month of June was almost non existent.  Only three condominiums sold during this period; two Pico units and one Fall Line.  To view all of the  Killington properties for sale visit Prestige Real Estate of Killington.