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Killington real estate sales are driven by price!

For the first time since I've been selling real estate, I have to say that the adage of "location, location, location" is not the case these days!  It's all about the PRICE

Buyers are looking at a broad range of properties that sometimes have very little in common.  In the past, a buyer would narrow their selection down to a single condo complex or would prioritize some amenity offered.  Today, buyers seem to be willing to "trade-off" location and amenity preference and  buy the property they feel is the greatest value for the price

Multiple simultaneous offers are not uncommon.  In most recent cases, the property that is purchased is based on which Seller is willing to take the greatest discounted price. 

For details on year-to-date Killington real estate sales and more information on trends in the Killington real estate market, see the latest Prestige Real Estate quarterly newsletter, currently posted on the Prestige Real Estate of Killington's website.