Blog :: 10-2009

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Killington VT Town Update

AMS Planning and Research, the consulting firm hired by Killington to evaluate the feasibility of creating an outdoor entertainment venue, presented the results of the first phase of their review. In short, they recommended going forward with Phase II of the study which includes the development of an operating model and a determination of the economic potential. The study will focus on events and festivals and not the construction of permanent buildings for an events center. This feasibility study is costing $34,000 and is being funded by a state grant. To date, $25,000 has been spent to purchase the option for the land, $36,000 is being spent to conduct investigative work on the land and $34,000 is being spent to determine if the idea is feasible.

$95,000 to determine the viability of doing "tented" out door events. Meanwhile the Killington Planning Commission after countless meetings has yet to vote on "The Village", potentially a half billion dollar investment in Killington's future.

Killington, Vt Town News Update

As reported earlier, the Town of Killington paid $25,000 to purchase an option to buy 37 acres of land on the Killington Access Road. It is now estimated that it will cost another $36,000 to conduct the investigative work necessary (this includes a survey, wetland delineations and other studies). The committee estimates that 19 acres of the 37 acres will be useable land.

AMS Planning and Research, a consulting group, has been retained by the Town of Killington to conduct a feasibility study on the economic viability of this project. Phase I findings will be presented to the public on Monday October 19th at 5:30 at the Town Office.

Killington real estate sales are driven by price!

For the first time since I've been selling real estate, I have to say that the adage of "location, location, location" is not the case these days!  It's all about the PRICE

Buyers are looking at a broad range of properties that sometimes have very little in common.  In the past, a buyer would narrow their selection down to a single condo complex or would prioritize some amenity offered.  Today, buyers seem to be willing to "trade-off" location and amenity preference and  buy the property they feel is the greatest value for the price

Multiple simultaneous offers are not uncommon.  In most recent cases, the property that is purchased is based on which Seller is willing to take the greatest discounted price. 

For details on year-to-date Killington real estate sales and more information on trends in the Killington real estate market, see the latest Prestige Real Estate quarterly newsletter, currently posted on the Prestige Real Estate of Killington's website.