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Killington real estate activity has picked up

In our newsletter dated April 30, 2009, we reported the "worst period for real estate sales in Killington that we can ever remember."  Only three properties sold in Killington during the entire 1st quarter of the year. 

Fortunately, I can now report, just a month later, that activity has noticeably picked up.  Since March 31st, 2009, one condo sold and there are five more currently under agreement.  Activity has picked up in the market for Killington homes as well.  Two homes sold in Killington since March 31st, and there are five additional homes under agreement. 

I feel that this is a sign of increased confidence in the economy by prospective buyers.  In addition, I believe this is an indication that buyers feel that market has reached bottom.  I anticipate an even greater increase in activity as we move into the summer buying season. 

Continue to watch this blog for further updates.