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1st New Lift in 10 years at Killington

It was opening day for the 1st new lift in 10 years at Killington and mother nature is cooperating in a big way!  We made our way over to Bear Mountain by going up the Superstar chair and skiing over the backside via the new Gateway trail.  It was perfectly groomed and we cruised straight down to Bear Trap and lower Skyeburst (no more crossover trails).  The conditions were great.  We then got onto the new high speed detachable quad chairlift at Skye Peak which opened today and we were bottom to top in a record 4.9 minutes.  It was a great ride and was "all the better" having known what it used to be like!  :-(

After departing the chair, we decided to check out the all new natural terrain park called "The Stash."    Not being adventurous risk takers, we cruised along side the natural features of the "park" and couldn't help "oooooh'ing and aaaah'ing".  It was really cool!  We were also impressed by the size and length of the area.  It has open sections and also offers more gladed areas.  It was truly pretty.  The designers and builders did a great job.

We got on the new lift again and this time when disembarking, we headed down the new Great Eastern trail which utilizes part of the old "Cruise Control" but branches off in new areas with great views to the south and east.  Once again, we were really impressed.

Our hats are off to Killington.  They did a great job and should be commended!  Mother nature seems to be congratulating everyone as well as snow is falling fast and furious with 6-12 inches predicted for tonight and a nor'easter coming in on Sunday.  It is going to be a great holiday week!  Come on up and enjoy.

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