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Killington ski conditions are great

All I've heard since Killington ski resort opened this year on November 16th is how good the skiing has been.  I finally let some friends talk me into getting out onto the mountain today.  Boy, is it good!  It would not be an exaggeration to say that the conditions were as good as they are in the middle of the winter. 

So, three cheers for the new mountain management.  I have been outspoken, to anyone who would listen, that we need to give the new team a chance.  It took American Skiing Company years to run the operation down as far as it went.  It's going to take time and some tough business decisions to get it back to where it should, can, and will be.  The new team has my support.  A strong mountain operation can only help all of the other businesses in town, along with raising Killington real estate values.

So tell all your friends to try Killington again.  I think you will all be pleased with what you find.

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