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Killington Announces 07-08 Season Pass Rates

It seems like we've been waiting an eternity.  After all, in past years, season pass rates were announced in May for the following ski season.  But this year, the mountain was sold in May, May 12th to be exact, and we've been waiting for announcements ever since, announcements about anything new! 

I think people have been particularly anxious about what it will cost to ski or ride next season.  The one good thing that ASC did in the past few years was to entice people to come with VERY attractive season pass rates, as low as $369 for an All-for-one Bronze pass.  But was that really good?  Based on what we've heard from Powdr so far, those rates just encouraged the masses to drive up and crowd the mountain on weekends, degrigating the quality of the experience to be had.  Based on that perspective, one would expect that rates would go up, particularly rates to ski or ride on weekends.

So, this should come as no surprise.  Season pass rates have gone up, but, how much?? Based on information, found today on Killington's website

Midweek (M-F) Killington & Pico pass, any age (14 blackout dates): $299

Killington & Pico "Blackout Pass" any age (18 blackout dates): $599

Killington & Pico unlimited pass

  • Adult: $999
  • Young Adult & Senior: $799
  • Junior & Super Senior: $699
  • Child: $29

According to the website, these prices are valid until July 31, 2007.  There will be new prices announced after that, presumably higher.  For more information and details about the offer, visit Killington's website.

Personally, I am not surprised about the prices as they seem to support the strategy that has been quoted in other earlier pieces:

  1. Improve the overall quality of the customer experience
  2. Discourage weekend "day trippers"
  3. Encourage mid-week visitors

Please post your comments on what you think about the new rates.  We'd love to hear what you have to say.

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