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Killington sale is complete!

The sale of Killington to SP Land and Powdr was FINALLY completed yesterday.  Now the question is what will the new owners do?  Chris Nyberg has been named to succeed Allen Wilson as President of Killington Resort and Pico Mountain.  No other details are available at this time.  It is fully expected that the preparations for the development of the Ski Village will take some time, most likely more than a year before any real shovels hit the ground.  Some of the questions on my mind, and I assume are on many others' minds are:

  1. Will the new company re-energize the plans for the interconnect between Killington and Pico resort?  Some say the Village will drive skier visits and will justify the interconnect.  Others feel the interconnect will draw more skiers?  Is this a case of "the chicken and the egg?"
  2. What will the ski season pass rates be?  Will Powdr offer discounted pass rates similar to those offered by ASC over the past couple of years?  Many think that ASC was "forced" to offer attractive deals to capture "cash" early in the season.  Will Powdr see ski pass rates as a "loss leader?"
  3. What will the priorities be for the new company? We know that the "Village" is the focus of SP Land but will the company view the base lodges as they currently exist as a help or a hinderance?  Will people who might be interested in buying a new slopeside property be turned off by the aged infrastructure at the mountain?  Will base lodges be renovated or possibly torn down and rebuilt?  Will new hi-speed lifts be added?  Will new trails be developed?  Will the wooded areas be trimmed to encourage more "tree skiing?"
  4. Who will be part of the management team?  Chris Nyberg has been involved in the ski business for many years and was formerly Vice President for Bombadier, a maker of snow equipment such as snow cats.  Who will he choose for his team?

For what we know now, see the story in the Saturday, May 12th Rutland Herald.

We will continue to post items in this blog as we learn more.  In the meantime, tell us what you think.

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