Blog :: 04-2007

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Killington Real Estate Activity in April 2007

One single family ski in/ski out house and two condos sold during the month of April in Killington, VT.  In addition, seven Killington condos went under agreement during the month.  The activity this month equals the activity level in the entire first quarter of 2007.  Hopefully this signals an uptick in buyer interest in Killington but it may be premature to ring the "back on track" bell. 

The modest increase in activity may merely reflect the fact that Killington enjoyed one of the best spring skiing seasons in years and people just kept coming.  Conversely, for those of us who tend to be more optimistic and look at the glass as being "half-full", this may be the beginning of a turnaround.  I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens in the next few weeks.

The entire Killington community is anxiously awaiting some announcement from the impending new owners of the ski area.  What are you going to do and when?

Killington condo sales activity seems to be picking up

Five Killington condo properties have gone under agreement in the past eight days.  This is in stark contrast to a total of 9 Killington real estate condo sales in the entire first quarter of 2007. 

One might speculate that the increase in activity is due to buyers' speculation on the future potential of the Killington resort area and the local real estate market.  Everyone is anxiously awaiting the sale of Killington and Pico to be completed.  We are hoping to hear announcements from the new owners, SP Land and Powdr as to their plans.

Another reason could be that buyers perceive that real estate prices are as low as they are going to get.  We would love to hear what you think.  In the meantime, we will keep you informed as to the activity level.

Slow Start for 2007 Killington Real Estate Sales

Killington sales continued on a downward trend during the first quarter of 2007.  Only one house sold in the 1st quarter of this year (4 last year and 6 the year before) and 4 others are under contract.  There are 33 homes for sale in Killington ranging in price from $275,000 for a duplex to $2,300,000 for a home in Topridge. Last year at this time there were 29 homes listed for sale and only 20 on the market during this period in 2005.  9 condominiums have sold this year, the same number as last year but significantly down from the 20 that sold during the first quarter of 2005.  There are 5 condominiums pending at this time.  There are currently 131 condominiums for sale in Killington;

  • 44 one-bedrooms,
  • 47 two-bedrooms,
  • 39 three-bedrooms and
  • 1 four-bedroom. 

Last year at this time there were 116 condominiums listed for sale.  Of the 131 condominiums for sale just 5 complexes represent over 60% of these listings.  Typically there is little to no land activity during the winter months and 2007 was no exception.  There are 13 parcels of land on the market.  No land sold during the first three months of this year and only one lot is under contract.

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