how to select a real estate agent

One of the questions I know people have when venturing down the home buying or selling path is “how do I select the right real estate agent?”

In fact, if you Google that question – you get 360M results.

As we wrote in our previous post, there are many factors that we think are important in selecting an agent or a broker.
This week, I had a personal epiphany driven by a “proud moment” in my career. I just listed the property that was my very first sale after securing my real estate license. Not only that, but this is the third time that this property has come back to me and my firm.

Now, that does not say anything about the property – which is a spectacular ski-in ski-out property on the Bear Mountain trails. It may, however, tell you something about how long I have been doing this.

With vacation destinations, people buy and sell properties based on different criteria than the ones they use to buy primary homes. Kids might be graduating and moving out, or they might get married, or the owners are retiring, causing them to use their winter vacation home less than they did when they bought it.

But what this story tells me, is that there is real value in finding a real estate agent who gets repeat business – converting buyers who were represented by other broker/agents in the transactions into sellers that choose you to represent them. You do not get this kind of business if you do not deliver value and satisfaction to your clients. Nor do you get it if the value you deliver as part of the real estate transaction is not visible to the party that you do not represent.

I will leave it at that, but the next time you interview a broker/agent that you consider hiring, ask them: “how much repeat business do you get, and how often have people that were involved in a transaction that you were part of, but not representing, become clients in the future? “

That, I think, is a powerful selection criterion.

Let us know what you think.

Article by Heidi Bomengen

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